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We construct a five to 25-minute video story pertaining to each individual Objet d'art. (Stories may be longer depending on the subject matter and number of pieces in the collection).

Tell The Tale title

We offer families the opportunity to be interviewed by experienced former television news journalists who assist and guide the family as they construct a fascinating living history surrounding their valuable art, jewelry, collectables and keepsake memorabilia.

We work with galleries, museums and private collectors to assist them in producing videos to help authenticate works of art to add to the important provenance of the piece.

We work with art conservators to help validate restorative work that has been completed to repair priceless collections.

Restoration documentation title

We work with families utilizing our journalists who are expertly trained in television production and storytelling pertaining to paintings, works of art on paper, photographs, textiles, murals, antique and fine furniture, rare books, objects, and sculpture. 

Professional Storytellers title

We offer specialized video packages to continue the long-term preservation of stories and knowledge about family artworks and heirlooms.

We offer absolute confidentiality - which is our utmost concern and permeates everything that we do.

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